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 Discover the transformational power of your own Life Force!

“The time came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Anais Nin

If you are feeling the discomfort of transformation now, wanting to grow but not sure what to do you have come to the right place! 

Welcome to Metamorphic Journeys! Dominique Mallee Meeroff brings a heart centred approach to supporting you, so that you can transform and manifest the life you want to live. She teaches Metamorphic Technique workshops all over the world and is the creator of the Inner Alchemy system.

Metamorphic Technique is a practice of gentle touch and unconditional love which catalyses the transformational power of your own Life Force. We touch the feet, hands and head on points which correspond to our time in the womb. This is when we establish the blueprint for our life. Mum’s stresses during this time anchor patterns which will shape us,  and may challenge us later on. Metamorphic Technique attracts mums, reflexologists, alternative therapists, and anyone who wants to grow and move forwards in their life. No previous experience is required. Learn to work on yourself, your friends and family. Perfect during pregnancy, with children, elderly parents, and during illness. Join the swaps community, meet others, and exchange sessions for free. Become a practitioner! Find out about learning the Metamorphic Technique here…

Inner Alchemy is a unique system of heart based energy work to heal and transform your life. These transformational sessions take place on the phone or on Skype.Find out more….

The Manifesting Workshop: Co-Creating with the Field is a breakthrough day of co-creating with Life itelf. Learn a unique practice of intention and allowing, to activate new potential in every part of your life. Find out more….

The Power of the Heart Weekend Workshop is an opportunity to clear old heart blocks, reconnect with your heart, and learn a unique process using the power of your heart to transform so that you can grow, blossom or support others with this approach. Find out more….

Dominique offers (click on links to find out more)

Metamorphic Journeys‘I have done a couple of metamorphic sessions on my grandson Louis, and I am pleased to say that although his parents were told he had a hernia and would need an operation, he has just been for a scan and there is no sign of the hernia!’’ Sarah Brooking

‘’I still don’t know exactly how the Metamorphic Technique works, apart from the fact that it has transformed me! It has changed me from someone who was fearful of life to someone who’s embracing it.”’ Des Hamilton, Evening Standard

‘Is it really only a week since I learnt this amazing technique? I have been using it daily and set up some shares already…life changing and empowering and amazing! Thank you thank you thank you!’ EZG

‘’I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic workshop in January. You are an amazing teacher, so full of knowledge and inspiration. This was my first introduction to MT, and I have been fascinated and intrigued by it ever since. The results, for me, were immediate, and I can’t help but feel this is a tool that will help many people through what, at present, seems like a very transitional time for many. Am looking forward to learning more!’’ Jane Perry

‘‘Dominique, Thank you for introducing me to Metamorphic Technique. After I had been curious about it, and meeting you in person, I decided to book myself on the weekend course. I was amazed at the sheer ease and gentleness of the treatment. Dominique has a fine way of explaining the course material, easy and accessible to everyone…Superb!’’ A.N

‘This workshop was fantastic. It was powerful, illuminating and empowering. Dominique, thank you so much for being my teacher, for your patience and making it all so accessible!’ Jane K, London

‘Had an amazing experience and am so much more open to my life’s purpose! Am so excited about getting out ther and practicing!’ Hayley Amanda Hammer

‘’The workshop last week was fantastic Dominique, am viewing the world through different eyes. I want to thank you.’’ R.V

‘’I loved your workshop over the weekend! Best money I have ever invested in myself!’’ Andy Nicola 

‘This is truly amazing!’ Bunmi Olowo

‘Amazing lady, thanks a million!’ Angela Tyson 

‘’Since completing the MT course, I definitely feel different. As yet I can’t put my finger on it, but something has shifted and I think that I have found a place of acceptance towards myself. I really connected with this simple an powerful technique.’’  Emma Simkins, Kindred Spirit Magazine